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    Car Rental Bulgaria

    Explore more of Bulgaria with Car Rental

    Car hire in Bulgaria through Auto Europe is both easy and affordable using our safe, reliable and secure online booking system. We will find you a cheap deal on a rental car in Bulgaria so you can focus on other aspects of your holiday planning. Book with us today!

    Country Essentials

    In Bulgaria, traffic travels on the right side of the road like many other countries in Europe with overtaking done on the left.

    Speed limits in Bulgaria range from 50km per hour in the city up to 120km per hour on highways.

    There is no permissible blood alcohol content allowed when driving in Bulgaria and its mandatory for both the driver and passengers to wear a seatbelt. Children are only allowed to sit in the front seat if they are aged 12 years and above.

    Standard InclusionsCheap Car Rental

    In Bulgaria, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and theft protection are included in our Auto Europe rates. The CDW and theft protection reduces the deductible (responsibility of the client) to a capped amount. Fire insurance is also included in your car rental. Excess Refund Insurance can be purchased from Auto Europe when you make your booking. This insurance refunds your excess costs up to $5000 should any damage occur to the vehicles during your rental.

    Driving in Bulgaria

    Discover the picturesque country of Bulgaria in your rental car. This beautiful country boasts a vast history with vibrant modern cities. Bulgaria is famous for its pristine beaches, stunning ski slopes, lush landscapes and is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

    Visit Bulgaria's capital, the captivating city of Sofia. This city offers a rich history, rolling greenery, urban streets and delicate mountainous landscapes. Explore the streets of Sofia and stop at one of the many cafes to have a coffee or try the delicious Bulgarian cuisine, which is a mix of Eastern European influences with a Turkish and Greek twist. Sofia's culture is amazing and also offers an energetic nightlife. Be sure to see the St Nikolai Russian Church. This fascinating church is located in the heart of Sofia and is painted with gold and boasts a vivid interior. Another popular spot to visit is the Vitosha Mountain. During the winter this mountain is famous for its skiing and snowboarding. During summer it is great to visit so enjoy a peaceful hike up the mountain and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

    Stopover in the beautiful city of Varna. Popular amongst holiday makers, park by the seaside and take a dip in the crystal waters or soak up some sun on the golden beach. Popular attractions include the Varna Archaeological Museum or the Varna Aquarium where you can experience over 140 unique species of fish as well as other marine creatures. This town is also home to stunning architecture so make sure a stroll through the city is high on your to-do list.

    Discover the seaside city of Burgas. This city offers sandy beaches, pristine water and plenty of activities to see and do. Try out one of the many seaside activities such as surfing, fishing, wind-surfing or beach sports. Burgas is a spirited city and has a popular music scene. Many clubs are also situated around the town so why not grab a few drinks and dance the night away.

    Licence Requirements

    It is a requirement that visiting motorists carry their valid New Zealand drivers licence in addition to a valid International Driving Permit and the appropriate insurance documents.

    The minimum age for renting a car in Bulgaria is 20 years old and drivers must have held their licence for at least one year. Drivers under the age of 25 may have to pay a young driver fee and some suppliers also have a maximum age limit.

    Tolls and Freeways

    A Vignette toll sticker must be affixed to the windscreen of your hire car if you plan to travel on freeways and highways. This is this tolling system in Bulgaria and is taken seriously with fines issued to those who don't have a Vignette attached to their windshield properly.

    Fleet Guide

    Take a look at the large fleet selection we offer in Bulgaria. Browse different car models, manufacturers and luggage capacity to find the hire car best suited to you. Please note that not all cars are available from all supplier locations and the exact make or model cannot be guaranteed.

    Border Crossings

    All travel with your rental car from Bulgaria to surrounding countries is on a strict request basis only and must be pre-approved with the supplier. Some suppliers will allow travel outside of Bulgaria for an additional fee however the approved locations will be at their discretion. Domestic one-way rentals are available between selected locations and additional fees and minimum rental durations may apply. There are fees for international one-way rentals and not all vehicles are allowed.

    Useful Distances

    • Sofia Airport to Sofia (10km approx. 15min)
    • Sofia to Varna (510km approx. 5hr 30min)
    • Varna to Burgas (130km approx. 2hrs)

    Car Hire in Bulgaria with Auto Europe

    Book your car hire in Bulgaria with Auto Europe over our safe, reliable and secure online booking system. Our exceptional customer service and Beat Rate Guarantee assure the best savings and quality of service on your car hire. For more information, read our Car Rental FAQ page, read our Terms and Conditions, or Contact Us.

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