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    Motorhome Rentals Worldwide

    Motorhome Frequently Asked Questions

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    The Basics

    Q. Is there a minimum or maximum age?
    A. Generally the minimum age to hire a motorhome is 21 years. Depending on the motorhome supplier there may be a surcharge for drivers aged 21-25. The maximum age depends on supplier but many suppliers have a maximum age of 75. In the UK, ages of 70 and 75 additional paperwork, insurance and charges may apply.

    Q. Do I need a special licence to drive a motorhome?
    A. A full, valid non-provisional drivers license is fine for driving the majority of vehicles with the exception of a couple of countries in Europe. An International Drivers Licence is required in most countries.

    Q. Do you offer discounts for long term rentals?
    A. Yes, motorhome companies will generally provide a long term discount for rentals over 35 days. This is available on application.

    Q. Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel my motorhome?
    A.For most motorhome rentals, a $500 + 20% cancellation fee may apply if cancelled 30 days prior to pick up. Cancellation less than 30 days may result in a 50% + $500 to 100% cancellation fee, depending on the supplier. Auto Europe will advise the cancellation policy for your reservation when you book.

    Q. Are there any one way fees (i.e. pick up at one location and drop off at another location)?
    A. Generally one way rentals are permitted within the same country. There may be restrictions, minimum rentals and extra charges that will be advised at the time of quotation / booking. Once the motorhome / campervan has been collected and you wish to change the drop off location, you will need to contact the supplier for permission; additional costs may apply.

    Q. What do I do if I wish to extend my rental whilst overseas?
    A. Please contact the motorhome / campervan rental company for a quote on the cost of the additional rental days. Be sure to ask for the total cost inclusive if insurance and taxes and make a note of the person who has advised the information. In some instances the rental company will suggest you contact your Travel Agent or Auto Europe to arrange for a new voucher to cover the extra days. Payment should then be made to Auto Europe and a new voucher is issued and faxed overseas to cover the extension or new rental.

    Q. Where can I drive my motorhome / campervan? Are there any restrictions?

    • Britain - You may drive throughout mainland Britain and Northern Ireland. Most vehicles can be taken to Republic of Ireland or Europe. Some conditions and supplements apply.
    • Ireland - Vehicles rented in Ireland may be driven within Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. One way rentals are possible between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Some conditions and supplements apply.
    • Europe - Depending on the motorhome / campervan company you may drive your car throughout mainland Western Europe. Vehicles should be returned to the renting location country or a one way fee will apply. If the return location is changed once the vehicle is collected, a surcharge locally will apply. Generally motorhome / campervans are NOT permitted into Eastern European countries. Contact Auto Europe for full details.
    • USA/Canada - Vehicles collected in USA/Canada generally cannot be driven into Mexico and Alaska. Conditions apply. Restrictions also apply for travel to Death Valley during certain months.
    • Australia - Travel restrictions apply in Australia, depending on motorhome / campervan type and supplier. Contact Auto Europe for full details.
    • New Zealand - Depending on the supplier one way rentals are available between the North and South Island. Contact Auto Europe for full details.

    Q. Can I take a motorhome / campervan on a ferry?
    A. Generally the motorhome / campervan will not be covered for any damage whilst it’s on the ferry. Refer to your Rental Agreement at the time of collection.

    Q. Do you stock the Winnebago range?
    A. Although we do not have any affiliations with Winnebago, we have a large range of motorhome suppliers that can be discovered in the booking engine.

    Q. Where can I park the motorhome / campervan?
    A. As there are different laws in different countries we don’t recommend “free camping”. For safety and security we recommend that you stay in campgrounds. Not only do you get to use the facilities it’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow travellers. When you collect your motorhome / campervan you will be given campground information from the supplier. Campground Information can be found here.


    Q. Is there a minimum rental period?
    A. Yes. This varies depending on the supplier, country and vehicle.

    Q. What is a seasonal rate?
    A. The rate charged is determined by the season the rental falls in. For example, a 14 day rental crossing over two seasons could be charged at 7 days at the high season rate and 7 days at the mid season rate. Generally motorhome prices are based on seasonal rates, except in Canada where the rate is determined by the pick up date for the entire duration.

    Q. What are Flex rates?
    A. Flex rates are based on a simple system of supply and demand. If there are a lot of vehicles available to rent on a particular day, at a particular location, the rate is lower and vice versa. Booking early is recommended to get a good deal.

    Excess & Bonds

    Q. Is there an insurance excess/vehicle liability and can it be reduced?
    A. Insurance excess/vehicle liability and excess reduction/liability reduction amounts vary depending on the motorhome company, product booked, country and sometimes location. An excess reduction/liability reduction is not common in countries other than Australia and New Zealand.

    Q. Will a security deposit be required to collect my motorhome?
    A. Yes, it is usually the insurance excess/vehicle liability amount or the excess reduction/liability reduction amount frozen/debited on your credit card (some companies authorise, freeze or debit the amount).

    Q. Is the deposit non-refundable?
    A.The holding deposit will be released back into your account by the supplier upon return of your motorhome (ensuring there are no damages, late returns etc) - confirm with your supplier upon collection.

    Collecting the Vehicle

    Q. Can I pick up my motorhome/RV in the USA & Canada the day I fly in?
    A. Unfortunately No. If you are travelling from overseas you cannot pickup your motorhome/RV the same day.

    Q. Will I need a credit card to collect my motorhome?
    A. Yes.

    Q. Can I pick up and/or drop off a motorhome any time?
    A. No, motorhome companies provide a specific period in which the motorhome can be picked up and dropped off.

    Q. Can I pick up my motorhome in one city and drop it off in another?
    A. This is known as a one way rental and are available on application from certain locations with certain suppliers. International one way rentals are only available from France. Restrictions and one way charges apply.

    Q. Are transfers available?
    A. Transfers are available with some companies and are always on a request basis. Transfers may be included in the rental price, prepaid or paid on collection.

    Q. Can motorhomes be delivered to hotels?
    A. Most suppliers do not have a delivery and collection service, however Anywhere Campers in Europe offer this service.

    Q. Where are your pick-up depot locations?
    A. Our reputable suppliers have a number of pick-up and drop-off depot locations around the world. Search in our booking engine to find the closest to your desired destination.

    On the Road

    Q. Are motorhomes manual or automatic transmission?
    A. Most vehicles are manual transmission, except in the USA and Canada where all vehicles are automatic transmission. In some other locations, automatic transmission may be offered and will be available on a request basis.

    Q. Where can I get information on places to camp with my motorhome?
    A. Auto Europe has put together a list of Helpful Links to assist you when planning your motorhome adventure.

    Q. Are there restrictions to where motorhomes can be driven?
    A. Yes, motorhomes must only be driven on sealed roads. Further travel restrictions may apply and vary depending on the motorhome company and country booked.

    Q. What happens if my motorhome breaks down?
    A. All companies offer a roadside assistance service. Details will be given at time of collection.

    Q. How do I contact Auto Europe after-hours?
    A. For any after-hours queries, please call us on 0800 885 052.

    Q. Do motorhomes in the UK have left-handed steering wheels?
    A. Yes. Those travelling around the UK drive on the left side of the road, thus have the steering wheel on the left side.

    Last updated 27 August 2019. All information is correct at time of print & subject to change without notice.