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Auto Europe New Zealand offers an alternative to a rental car for your next self drive holiday. Select from a wide range of campervans from the industry's top brands and travel your own way.


Book a motorhome for a family holiday in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or Europe and save on accommodation while you tour the fascinating sights each of these countries and regions has to offer.


There is no better way to free yourself from everyday cares than hitting the open road with a campervan hire from Auto Europe. See our current special offers, which make a motorhome holiday an even more cost effective option!


Depending on your needs and destination and through a wide selection of motorhome suppliers around the world, we bring you great vehicle choices from 4WD pop-up tops to 7 person RVs. We work with suppliers to cater for price conscious travellers to all-inclusive packages for total peace of mind.


High-Top Motorhomes

High Top Motorhome Those who are looking for a getaway for two with a nimble and low-cost vehicle will find what they need in the High-Top category. Vehicles provide the basic amenities for two and convenient sleeping solutions, usually in a standard van size for ease of parking.

Mid-Size Motorhomes

Mid Size Motorhome For a relaxed trip for the whole family or a group of friends, or even for a bit of extra space for a longer trip, the mid-size category is a great option. These sizable vehicles can safely accommodate up to five passengers with seating and beds, depending on the particular model and the age of passengers. The beds are located in the overcab area, as well as the middle and rear. Kitchen and bathroom amenities are conveniently built in, many with a refrigerator and freezer unit, as well as a larger cookers for those big family meals.


Large Motorhomes

Large Berth Motorhome You'll feel like you own the highways in a large motorhome. The largest vehicles on fleet can accommodate up to seven passengers, though six is ideal. These vehicles are ideal for holiday-makers who wish to make no compromises on comfort or facilities. 3 and 4 burner stoves and extra-large water tank capacity will help you stay on the road in comfort for longer. The number of seats and beds varies by model.


Motorhome Hire from Auto Europe

We have specialised reservations agents who are ready to assist in choosing and booking your next motorhome. If you'd like to speak to a motorhome reservations specialist directly, call our team at 0800 885 052.

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